Sunday, February 7, 2010

How long should it take clear coat to dry on your car?

And if you had a properly fuctioning garage with the right equipment would humidity in the air cause it to take longer... Say 2 days?How long should it take clear coat to dry on your car?
Yes humidity will effect drying time %26amp; work quality,If the humidity is that bad in your area a properly equipped garage should have a drying room (a room with heat lamps to dry car). Was the car painted aswell?? Sounds like they are telling you to hold off because paint needs to cure,,which will be 48-72 hoursHow long should it take clear coat to dry on your car?
no long at all really. some shops are set up with a heating system. The weather will take a toll on the dry time as well.
It depends on what thinners and activator was used, I spray spot repairs one or two panels and use clear that I can wash and deliver to a customer in 3 or 4 hours, dry to the touch in 20 minutes.

2 days sounds to me like they didn't use any activator.

an overall paint job clear or single stage should be dry to the touch in any outside conditions in 8 to 12 hours or less. Humidity doesn't drastically affect urethane's and acrylic enamels. It does affect lacquer paint but that is old school and illegal to use most any where now.
clear coat should be done in a couple of hours or a little more. Humidity may cause it to take longer, but it would also introduce quality problems with the coat.

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